Part 1: The Introduction

Do you have problems with addiction, stress, anxiety, fear, chronic pain, impatience, or disease? There are over a hundred different forms of meditation out there: guided meditation, transcendental meditation, yoga meditation, Buddhist meditation, zen meditation, and even meditation music.

Unlike Eastern meditations that can dull the mind to reality, or hypnosis that provides a temporary feeling of well-being, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to sharpen awareness, get closer to reality and deal with the pressures of life correctly.

By focusing your mind in a simple yet special way, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to effortlessly escape the endless loop of thoughts, worry and anger that prevents us from reaching our full potential, and keeps us enslaved to the wills of others.

This episode is an introduction to the "Be Still & Know" meditation. This program includes basic instructions regarding the main exercise in Part 2.

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