Meditation Benefits: A Testimonial | Coping With Loneliness

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Do you overeat or find yourself obsessing over food? Is stress, anxiety or depression holding you back? Did you know that there is a simple, meditative exercise, that when practiced daily, benefits both your physical and mental health?

On this podcast episode, Mark gives a testimonial regarding the free guided meditation technique. By disconnecting emotionally from food and practicing the “Be Still and Know” daily meditation, he is happier and beginning to see the world more clearly. During their conversation, radio counselor Roy Masters reemphasizes the simplicity of this meditation. “You drop your anger, and I’ll show you how to get rid of all your illnesses and have a happy life.”

Now that his life is improving immensely, Mark’s friends are not as eager to heed his advice. “I feel like I won a million dollars and no one wants any of it.” How should one cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation that often accompanies personal success?

Roy Masters answers this and discusses more about the benefits of meditation in this free podcast episode.

(Clip from episode: K4545)
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Quotes regarding feelings of loneliness from Roy Masters’ books :

"Of course, from the moment you undertake to live from your common sense rather than from the world's illusions, you will be engaged in a war of natures, yours and theirs, the good coming through your freedom, versus the guile coming through their vices. They will try to make you doubt your perspective in order to involve their nature with yours, but you must frustrate their purpose by remaining calm and detached. The world does not take kindly to the person who can stand alone on principle, so you will be faced with every love/hate trick in the book. Just stand your ground, with merry eyes twinkling."
- Surviving the Comfort Zone

“It is your own evolving consciousness that makes others aware of what they are doing to you and to themselves. They see your grace, your aloneness in the world. They see your strength, rooted in an invisible ground of being, and they are profoundly impressed.”
- How to Survive Your Parents

Realize that you are not alone and that this is the reason you know what is wrong with you… Remain aware of your problem. Resist the temptation to struggle with it. Struggle indicates a lack of faith on your part, a belief that you still think you exist alone with your problem.”
- How to Conquer Negative Emotions

“Your honesty, becoming visible, sets you apart from disease-producing, soul-debilitating friendships. Being rejected and persecuted will awaken your need to seek comfort only from the God-source within. Your words will threaten word-sensitive egos and disturb an intellectual concept of world order in which they take comfort, and upon which they depend for survival. They will immediately try to confuse you, but even if your knees are knocking together, you must stand firm. You will feel weak and afraid, primarily because your former nature drew a great deal of confidence from being in agreement with those you now see to be your enemies. Prepare yourself, for the moment you speak up, you will break all the old bonds. When you withdraw ego-support from your ‘friends,’ they will withdraw their ego-support from you... Each new truth, openly championed, snips another subtle point of attachment and releases you from the unreasonable grip of friendships and passions.”
- The Secret Power of Words

“From the day you are born, you are bathed in a sea of negativity that sets you up progressively to respond to the wicked environment around you. At the beginning, you alone can perceive things as they really are, and this can make you believe that you are crazy and the world is really sane. With no one present to suggest anything that would counter the notion rising within you, the sheer mass of souls who are oblivious to their follies and wickednesses can reinforce your sin of doubting the Truth, and can displace what is left of your sanity with distorted worldly logic and direction.”
- The Secret Power of Words


If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.