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(Clip from episodes: K3673 and K4481)
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Are you looking to learn how to meditate? Have you attempted meditation before, only to find yourself struggling with it? Do you find yourself getting frustrated while attempting a meditative state? Are you wondering how meditation can benefit you?

On this episode of the Meditation – Overcoming Stress and Illness Podcast, Thomas discusses getting hung up "trying" to meditate properly. Radio counselor Roy Masters explains how struggling with meditation can undermine any positive results that are possible through the meditation exercise. Being that the Be Still & Know guided meditation is designed to point one away from emotional effort, one must learn not to struggle with the exercise.

Roy also hears from Rick who describes the benefits of meditation he has experienced. By using the free guided meditation to separate from his thoughts, Rick has been able to overcome symptoms brought on by agoraphobia, such as panic attacks and paranoia. Roy explains how to maintain all the benefits that meditation helps bring you to.

Quotes regarding learning meditation and its benefits from Roy Masters’ books:

“Meditation... is the vital key to understanding everything. Without the objective state of meditation, your real self is not free from its involvement in the mind-stuff with its hodgepodge of prejudice and sin, education and cultural conditioning.”
- The Secret Power of Words

“The correct technique of meditation facilitates the process of bringing you up and out of the old system of responding into the new state of functioning from realizing. The Truth indeed awakens and sets you free from responding like a zombie in a dream world.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“Love and courage are not qualities we can bestow on ourselves. At most, we can only long to be graced with them, to hunger and thirst after righteousness; and (correct) meditation is the way the sincere seeker of Truth has always employed to express his commitment to Good.”
- Understanding Sexuality

“Needless to say, the meditation exercise I have recommended will enable you to sift the natural from the unnatural, as well as enable you to realize the lie (hypnotic suggestion) from the Truth.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“Only the process of meditation, entered into with the right intent, can lead the student to the rediscovery of these truths for himself and gently clear the way for the action of grace that can transform him.”
- Understanding Sexuality

“Your meditation is the way to the Life and the Truth; it involves two important antihypnotic and antimagnetic phases, one rising out of the other. Believe and follow what is revealed, and you complete a cycle; you establish a permanent relationship with the indwelling God, and nothing can ever pull you away again. Being 'hooked' here means being saved.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors



If you suffer deeply from the effects of stress, fear and pain, we recommend Roy Masters’ special meditation and advice audio pack: Overcoming Stress Fear and Pain.