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Are you looking for an simple self meditation technique? Do you have difficulty controlling your own thoughts? Want to know how to override the negative influences you face daily? Today’s free podcast episode contains quick instructions on how to meditate.

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is a world proponent of Eastern meditation. Roy Masters begins by commenting about the Dalai Lama’s cooperation with a university’s Buddhist meditation study. Can his technique and even Buddhism be dangerous?
Roy then gives brief directions for using his free guided meditation technique, “Be Still and Know.” This example of self meditation for beginners can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran with meditation, this audio lesson will provide you the means to sharpen your insight and reduce stress.
(Clip from episode: K3972)
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Quotes regarding the free guided meditation technique from the book
How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
by Roy Masters:

“Here, then, is the age-old practice of meditation brought up-to-date, redefined as an exact science of developing the individual. Let me warn the traveler who is about to enter this dimension: you cannot gain any experience from reading this book. The meditation is basically a technique of subjection to the inner self, which we know as conscience. The understanding gained from entering into it is so profound that you will never find words to explain it to others. The effect of this inner attentiveness will change your perspective on life so radically and rapidly that within a very few days many people will be astonished at your new attitudes and insight.”

“Our Creator has given us an inner conditioning process to override our animal responses under stress. Through meditation we can pattern our responses from the soil of inner reason, for the secret of controlling ‘things’ lies in the proper response to the intuitive self. The dissolving of our animal feelings of need and hate will mark the beginning of our divine love for others.”

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