Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction | Instant Stress Relief?

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Do you feel tied down by stress? Do you long to soar through challenging situations without being stressed? Would you like to learn how to resolve past mistakes without adding more stress to your present life?

There are thousands of books, CDs, and prescription medications designed to help you to “manage” stress, but the truth is managing stress is only just that. Given a little time and some special insights you can learn how to overcome stress and use it as a catalyst to develop a positive attitude, to grow and succeed in life.

Stress expert and counselor Roy Masters has perfected a guided meditation technique that can be practiced anywhere, regardless of your religious or spiritual background.

In this podcast episode, Randy describes the benefits of the self meditation in his life. Through the use of the “Be Still and Know” free guided meditation technique, he has been able to drop the stress and anger that was pulling him into a whirlpool of obsession. Roy explains how the meditation brings you to a state of mind in which you can trust what you know is right in your heart.

Waking Up to a Burning House

Guided Meditation for Stress ReductionIn an attempt to overcome stress, many will distract themselves with alcohol and other addictions. Ted says that it seems his problems have gotten worse since he began to practice meditation. Roy clarifies, that instant stress relief will not automatically come about for those that have hidden “under the covers” with addictive pleasures. This guided meditation will awaken many to see that their “house has been on fire”. As your insight sharpens, do not resent the tribulations that seem to appear from out of nowhere. If you remain calm and patient daily, this stress will also dissolve and allow you to function with clear perception.
(Clips from episodes: K4291 and K3928)
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Quotes regarding stress and the meditation technique from the book
How To Conquer Negative Emotions
by Roy Masters:

“Every time we overreact to what we call stress, we activate a traumatic turmoil within that allows the circumstance to implant suggestions and behavior patterns below the level of our consciousness. These subconscious behavior patterns grow stronger than all the efforts of our will to overcome them. Worse yet, the very struggle we wage against any unwanted behavior only strengthens its power over us."

"From that point on, every painful event of childhood tends to reappear and be reinforced by the ever-present stress. In much the same way as a Vietnam veteran tends to overreact and jump behind the sofa upon hearing the backfiring of a bus, so does our implanted behavior automatically compel us to respond to look-alike and sound-alike situations.”

“Meditation will not immediately eliminate all your reactions, but it will eliminate your reactions to the existing resentment or fear-anxiety reactions to pressure. You see, resentment produces a debilitating physical conditioning. We resent our inferiority, fear and helplessness, but this only increases the sensitivity of the flesh to stress. After you begin to meditate, you must be patient with your symptoms; learn to experience the humiliation of fear without again resenting either the source or yourself. Once you have successfully resisted this temptation, you are free to observe your other anxieties out of existence. In this way, you will deal effectively with the underlying causes of any symptom. Once you have gone through a series of anxieties like this, you will eventually conquer your conditioned response to pressure completely and feel no response whatever.”

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