Beyond the Guided Meditation 2: Independence from the Guided Meditation

Don is beginning the guided meditation on CD and is wondering if he always needs to use the audio recording. Roy discusses the importance of freedom from his meditation CD.
(Clip from episode: K4486)
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Quotes regarding independence from Roy Masters’ books:

“No good teacher or minister is impatient for you to learn, for he knows that a response needs time. The teacher leads to the threshold of discovery, and there you must be left alone to have confidence in all the things revealed to you in your journey to the Light. To discover how to discover is to have faith, confidence, and independence. It is to become whole, lacking in nothing.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“True independence is born to the degree that you discover how to discover.”
- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors

“The finest heritage you can pass on to your children is the virtue of in-dependence—as opposed to out-dependence. Independence comes through the exercise of self-denial, money disciplines, sound judgment and investment. The knowledge that they can provide for themselves, being beholden to no one, is the basis of true confidence and freedom.”
- How to Survive Your Parents

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