Beyond the Guided Meditation 1: How to Conquer Negative Emotions

Linda is beginning to read Roy Masters' "How to Conquer Your Negative Emotions" before she has started practicing the meditation. Roy gives a full definition of the word "RESENTMENT" and explains how it effects you daily.
(Clip from episode: K4494)
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Quotes regarding the guided meditation and resentment from Roy Masters’ books:

"Words are only symbols representing reality. The trouble with most learning is that the ambitious student often mistakes words about something for the actual thing or experience. So when he learns, he learns words, not meanings, and he ends up with a gaggle of noises in his head but little practical understanding, which can only come from true intimacy with the subject."
-How to Conquer Negative Emotions

"Meditation is not a way of getting what you want; it is a way of knowing what is right."
-How to Conquer Negative Emotions

“Resentment destroyed your objectivity, and, failing to see clearly, you made terrible errors of judgment. These, in turn, led to a fear of making decisions, so that perhaps you began to lean too much on others for guidance, and you know how upsetting it can be if those others happen to be wrong or take advantage of you.”
-How to Conquer Negative Emotions

“You will soon realize it is your own resentment that hurts you more than the unthinking cruelties of other people. Therefore, from now on, watch out for the opportunity to overlook and be outspoken, right on the spot—not two seconds later, but immediately, when it happens—so that you will respond more to what you know and come to know is right and less and less to conditions and people.”
-How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

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