Part 2: The Free Guided Meditation

This episode contains the "Be Still & Know" guided meditation. Here Roy Masters guides you through an observation process for becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Before you begin using Be Still & Know, it is important to understand that most traditional forms of eastern-style meditation instruct you to concentrate intently on a mantra or image, thereby producing a hypnotic state where you repress or mask your thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and emotions can't be banished in this way, only repressed or denied.

The "Be Still & Know" meditation exercise is the opposite of traditional meditations, in that the goal is to not focus and concentrate to drown out true thoughts and emotions. In a special way, the Be Still & Know technique simply to shifts your mental focus towards becoming more aware of your thoughts and the emotions behind them.

This observation exercise is the simplest thing you can do to improve yourself. Practice sitting quietly and being still two or three times a day: in the morning, sometime in the afternoon, and in the evening before you go to sleep. Don’t try to achieve or will anything to happen or change. Simply sit still and follow the simple instructions contained in this exercise. Be patient in awaiting results. If you truly intend to become a better person, it will not be long before you notice a difference. There is more about this in the next episode, Part 3.

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