Beyond the Guided Meditation 3: Results and Resistance to Meditation

While many receive insight regarding their problems immediately, others may take a while to wake up. Roberta is seeing clearly what she has done wrong after many years of meditating. She discovered that true faith, does not have any “feeling.” Mark describes a strong resistance he has to the guided meditation technique. Roy explains that you can not save yourself from an imprisoned state. Sometimes we must wait for the strength to do what is right.
(Clip 1 is from episode: K4639; Clip 2 is from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome pack)
This podcast is produced by the Foundation of Human Understanding

Quotes regarding results and resistance to the meditation technique from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters:

"Some people become frightened by the meditation technique, for it represents a choice between two ways of life. It reveals what we should be, and cuts the excuses, once and for all."

"The meditation exercise will never become a habit. By choosing to do this exercise each morning you choose rightly for that day. This choice frees you from compulsive patterned ideas and actions. Failure to do the exercise constitutes choosing the old ways again."

"In fact, our mind becomes so empty of worry and planning that we have virtually nothing to do, except to understand more, appreciate more, wonder more and see more clearly to avoid problems. As we become more adept at avoiding problems, things become easier, so we worry even less."

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