Phantom Pains: Treatment and Relief of Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Bill was a terminal patient and suffered from chronic pain for sixteen years while taking large doses of pain killers. After successfully using the free guided meditation, he was able to escape years of chronic pain. In this segment, Roy Masters explains what’s behind the nature of phantom pain and its tie to resentment and anger. While it is not recommended that you use this technique as a means to relieve pain, learning how to meditate with the proper intent will allow you to dissolve the subconscious links between anger, fear and pain. Doing so will allow you to not only overcome these emotional connections to pain, but the perception of physical pain as well. Many unforeseen blessings will occur for those who meditate with the correct intention.
(Clip from episode: K3899)
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Quotes regarding independence from Roy Masters’ books:

“It’s not unusual for people to have an accident on the job or in their automobile and to continue suffering from pain that no longer has any basis. The physical injury is healed, but the emotional wound, unforgiving with respect to the recall, causes the same reaction to the memory as if the accident were happening again and again; and so pain is the phantom of the original accident but emotionally sustained. If you should come to any harm, learn to deal with it with patience and equanimity. If you are resentful towards any injury, your body retains the memory and reproduces the symptoms upon being reminded and upset by observing similar circumstances.”
- How Your Mind Can Keep You Well

“When the pain of suffering pricks our ego to wake up, what is the first thing we do? Why, we go back to sleep to escape from realizing the truth. Unable to cope with the actual problem, we deal instead with our unwanted awareness of ever-present Truth. Simply by getting lost in our minds, in past and future concerns, we remain subject to the system, allowing many troubles and traumas to slip unnoticed through our sliding state of consciousness. We rarely see through to the cause of things because we are afraid to wake up and face Reality. Instead, we continue to deal stubbornly with effects by calling on the hypnotic presence of new personalities. The wrong in us uses the exciting presence of yet another overbearing person to help us forget our own weakness. We reminisce in the past, and we live in the future, thereby escaping from the Truth that shines in the present moment.”
- Beyond the Known

“Strange how we can find pleasure in pain, and how the intensity of the pleasure can be increased with the intensity of the tension-even when it makes us dangerously ill (we can resent that too). Pain distracts, just as pleasure does. A physical discomfort distracts and thus relieves a severe spiritual discomfort-that is how we come to enjoy pain. Since pleasure is the release of pain, it does not have as much substance and permanence as pain. Pain is a more powerful form of guilt-relief.”
- Hypnosis of Life

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